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What is not covered?

    Exclusions from insurance cover

    Medical Expenses Insurance

    The Insurer shall not pay and reimburse for the losses inflicted by the following illnesses and events:

    • treatment of chronic diseases, congenital anomalies (hereditary defects), deformations and chromosomal abnormalities;
    • neoplasms, endocrine diseases, diabetes;
    • nervous system diseases (excluding neuritis), mental diseases and traumatic injuries caused by them;
    • venereal diseases, immunodeficiency states, AIDS;
    • diseases of blood system and blood-forming organs;
    • epidemic and pandemic diseases;
    • acute and chronic forms of radiation sickness;
    • pregnancy (with the exception of extrauterine pregnancy), child birth, abortions;
    • any health disorders, complications or death caused by failure to fulfill medical advice and also consequences of side effects of the medicines that were not prescribed by a physician, side effects of food additives;
    • different types of viral hepatitis, tuberculosis or the consequences (complications) caused by them;
    • diseases and disorders of organs of hearing, excluding their acute forms;
    • fungus and skin diseases, allergic dermatitis of any origin, first and second degree solar burns;
    • diseases that happened before the insurance period and/or in the territory of the permanent place of residence and that resulted in medical or additional expenditures during the travel, as well as diseases that happened after return of the Insured person from the travel;
    • further treatment of the Insured person if he/she refuses medical evacuation to the place of permanent residence;
    • medical examinations, except for those caused by acute pain, sudden disease or physical injury, also the services which do not really require medical treatment or urgent medical aid; the services not envisaged by the prescribed treatment, as well as rendering the additional services (e.g. personal ward, telephone, television set etc.);
    • services that can be postponed until the time of return, including surgical operations which can be replaced by the conservative therapy until the end of the trip etc.;
    • high-tech manipulation and operations on the heart and blood vessels, including hagiography, angioplasty, bypass surgery, etc.;
    • diagnostic services: consulting, laboratory tests and other measures not prescribed by a doctor and assisting company as required for diagnosis for further treatment;
    • preventive vaccinations, medical examinations and laboratory tests which bear no relation to the insured accident;
    • all types of plastic and cosmetic operations and treatments, also all types of prosthetics and organs transplantation;
    • dental health service excluding relieving acute pain;
    • physiotherapy and alternative medical treatment;
    • acquisition and repair of accessories (cardiostimulators, glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, inhalers, prosthetic devices, crutches, wheelchairs, measuring equipment etc.), acquisition of restoratives, personal hygiene substances and baby food;
    • artificial fertilization, sterility treatment, medicines preventing pregnancy;
    • treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, etc., including the treatment of abstinence syndrome;
    • medical evacuation, repatriation or burial abroad arranged without the Insurer’s written consent;
    • travel costs provided the travel purpose was to receive medical treatment;
    • self-medication and treatment carried out by spouses, parents or children;
    • need for personal care, nursing and security;
    • costs for prolonged treatment of the Insured person after her/his return to the place of permanent residence, the costs covered by social, medical insurance and other security shall be not reimbursed;
    • costs stipulated by programs B and C shall be not reimbursed provided they are incurred by the Insurant (Insured person) without previous consent with the Insurer.

    Accident Insurance

    Exeption to the insured events shall be illness of the Insured person (except for tetanus and hydrophobia) and general exclusions from insurance cover.

    Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance

    The insured accident shall not be subject to reimbursement in the following cases:

    • trip was not recommended due to the Insured person's health problems;
    • the reasons for cancellation or interruption of trip are chronic, mental and infectious diseases, transplantation of organs, immunodeficiency states, AIDS suffered before the date of conclusion of the Travel service contract;
    • cancellation or interruption of trip is caused by the events and accidents, which are not specified in Insurance Contract.

    Public Liability Insurance

    In compliance with terms and conditions of public liability insurance of the Insurant (Insured person), the insured accidents shall not include the following:

    • deliberate damage inflicted by the Insurant (the Insured person) personally or in conspiracy with the third party;
    • losses caused by contractual, economic and criminal responsibility of the Insurant (the Insured person) to the third parties as well as damage to the environment;
    • damage or losses caused by the Insurant (the Insured person) by means of using any type of a motor vehicle;
    • damage or losses inflicted to the Insurant's (the Insured person's) family members;
    • fines, penalties or other financial sanctions whatsoever, which are not directly caused by damage to the health or property of the third parties;
    • losses exceeding the amounts and sums stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine and/or a country of temporary stay, also exceeding the insurance sum specified in this Contract.
    • damage or losses inflicted by means of taking part in sport competitions, during preparation for such competitions or caused by active rest;
    • damage or losses caused by the productive or occupational activity, physical labor or criminal actions of the Insurant (the Insured person);
    • damage or losses caused by a fact, situation or circumstances known to the Insurant (the Insured person) before the insurance period, or with regard to which the Insurant (the Insured person) could have anticipated the possibility of instituting the legal proceedings against him/her;
    • moral damage or damage inflicted to the image or reputation of the third parties.

    Lugagge Insurance

    No costs shall be reimbursed in case of the following:

    • carelessness or negligence of the Insured person;
    • improper packing (corking) or sending the damaged luggage;
    • lack of luggage for which the carrier was responsible, also lack of luggage stored in luggage offices in hotels, boarding houses, holiday homes etc., provided the packing is intact;
    • luggage delay for the period of less than 6 hours since the time of arrival in a country of temporary stay;
    • special properties or natural qualities of the insured luggage, its wear, poor quality due to natural causes, mould;
    • electric or mechanical defects of audio or video equipment etc;
    • breakage or damage of faience, porcelain or glass articles, musical instruments and other fragile things;
    • damage caused by acids, paints, aerosols, medicines or other liquids transported in the luggage;
    • damage or destruction of sport equipment caused by its use;
    • failure of the Insured person to take necessary measures to prevent or decrease the amount of loss.

    This Contract shall not cover the following:

    • fur wear, jewelry, printing devices, cinematographic, photo and video equipment, mobile phones or their accessories;
    • money, precious things, securities;
    • precious metals, precious and semiprecious stones;
    • antiques and unique items, works of art and collection items;
    • travel documents, any documents, slides, photos, film copies;
    • manuscripts, plans, charts, technical drawings, models and business documentation;
    • any prosthetic devices, contact lenses;
    • wristwatch or pocket watch;
    • animals, plants or seeds;
    • devices or means of motor transport, bicycles, water and air transport and spare parts for them;
    • items of religious nature.

    General Exclusions

    No costs shall be reimbursed in the following cases:

    • public unrest, strikes or states of emergency, nuclear disasters or conflicts, ionizing radiation, use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons;
    • committing suicide or attempting suicide by the Insured person (except for the cases when the Insured person was forced to act in this way due to illegal actions of the third parties);
    • commitment or attempts to commit illegal actions by the Insured person directly associated with the insured accident, established by the relevant authorities;
    • non-fulfillment by the Insured of the official recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, tel.: +38 044 238 16 57, Website: www.http://mfa.gov.ua/, and the Insurer concerning the trips to war zones and areas, areas of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, epidemics or pandemics, unless insurance cover of such trips is provided in written in the separate Annex to this Contract;
    • trips of the Insured or other person/s insured under this contract to countries and arias defined by the Insurer as a war zone, unless insurance cover of such trips is provided in written in the separate Annex to this Contract. The list of such zones is available on the website of the Insurer www.erv.ua;
    • taking alcohol, drugs or toxic substances;
    • active participation in the war (declared or undeclared), civil war, war or hostilities;
    • self-exposure of the Insured person under unjustified risk, conscious danger (except in life-saving);
    • involvement of the Insured person in any dangerous activity, professional or amateur sport: mountaineering, diving, speleology, scuba diving, any forms of flight, winter sports, participation in contests, motor racing, and the high-risk kind of rest, including: using mechanical and other vehicles on land, water, underwater and in the air (except when the insurer paid the fare and he is a passenger of transport vehicle), ride on animals, biking, hiking and other similar types of recreation provided such risks were not included in the additional insurance premium.
    • The Insurer shall not indemnify for inflicting moral damage.
    • Insurance cover, liability to pay any claim or provision of any benefit or service shall be granted only insofar as and as long as not in contradiction to economic, trade or financial sanctions or embargoes enacted by the European Union or Ukraine that are directly applicable to the contracting parties. This shall also apply to economic, trade or financial sanctions or embargoes enacted by the United States of America with regard of the Islamic Republic of Iran, North Korea or Syria, insofar as those are not in contradiction to European or Ukrainian legislative provisions.

    Also the following are the grounds for refusal to make insurance payment:

    • deliberate actions of the Insurant (the Insured person) or his/her passive behavior that result in the insured accident, except for the actions necessary for self-defense (within reasonable limits) or protection of property, life, health, dignity or business reputation. The actions of the Insured person shall be assessed in line with the legislation of Ukraine currently in force.
    • deliberate provision by the Insurant (Insured person) or the person in whose favor the insurance compensation shall be made of false information about the subject of insurance, the Insurant(Insured person) place of stay on the date of contract conclusion or the insured accident and amount of expenses. As a proof of provided information about the location of the Insurant (Insured person) on the date of the Contract conclusion shall be relevant marks in the passport;
    • impeding the Insurer's investigation of the circumstances, nature and amount of damage;
    • failure to timely inform the Insure about the insured accident without valid excuses or violating the terms of the Contract upon the self-paid cost of services, and also failure to timely provide the Insurer with the written claim for insurance compensation and other documents required according to the Contract;
    • non-fulfillment of commitments as per this Contract by the Insurant (Insured person);
    • failure to follow the Insurer's instructions in the process of settlement of the insured accident;
    • full reimbursement for the Insurant’s (Insured person's) losses by the person that inflicted such losses;
    • therapeutic recreation, rehabilitation, health resort treatment, spa and sanitary treatments;
    • diseases that result from mental reaction on military events, internal unrest, terrorist attack, plane crash or fears associated with such events;
    • chronic, mental illness, even if they occur periodically;
    • insurance of persons aged 65 to 80 years without any additional payment (margin);
    • other cases determined by the current Ukrainian legislation.
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