Weather insurance
Gives a discount to your tourists on their next trip, if in the period of the insured trip they suffered three rainy days. The amount of discount shall be compensated by ERV!

Weather insurance

How does it work?

After concluding weather insurance contract each of your client, faced with the rainy weather during the trip, will have a right to receive from you a discount certificate, which can be used throughout the year for his/her next trip. The size of discounts ranging from 150 USD (depending on the individual conditions of the insurance contract). Discount will be given to the tourist if during the period of his trip there were three rainy days, two of which - in a row, and the amount of precipitation in the rainy days (depending on the destination) was not less than 5-8 mm per square meter in summer season, and at least 10 mm per square meter in winter season for three days within a week.

The discount certificate will be issued to the tourist according to his/her application for a certificate and after checking the fact of rainy weather. The amount of such discounts will be compensated to the tour operator by the insurance company ERV.

How do we check the weather information?

Information about the rainy weather will be checked and confirmed or denied by an independent third party - a professional company that provides data about the weather conditions in different parts of the world. An alternative source of information can be agreed upon the ERV and TO.

Are there any analogues?

The product was developed by our mother company - ERV in Germany, together with an international group of companies ERV, but among the first to take advantage of and appreciate the new service are Ukrainian tour operators and tourists. Weather insurance - is an absolutly new and unique product on the travel insurance market of Ukraine.

Whay do You and Your clients need it?

Непредвиденная дождливая погода во время поездки больше не испортит настроения Вашим туристам :) За три дождливых дня они смогут получить от Вас уникальный бонус в виде скидки на следующий тур, размер которой будет компенсирован Вам компанией ERV. Вы же, в свою очередь, укрепите лояльность клиентов, обеспечите повторные продажи и будущие доход Unexpected rain during the trip will not spoil the mood of your clients any more :) For the three rainy days they can get from you a unique bonus - discount for their next trip, the amount of which will be compensated to You by ERV. And You will create customers loyalty, ensure your future sales and income.

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